Thursday, May 7, 2009

missing persons

i'm not sure if i have expressed my desire to work in the FBI on here with you guys.
well, i really would love to work for the FBI.

on every new episode of one of my favorite tv shows, Without a Trace, before they break to commercial, they will put up a real missing person asking you to please be on the look out.

i always always pause the TiVO and really focus on the missing person. I sometimes think that if I really concentrate on their facial figures, their physical characteristics, and their missing information I might just one day come across them, and their face will trigger my memory. I will be able to call the missing persons unit and help them out, find, and save them! i understand the chances of this happening are slim to known, but i just feel that they at least deserve the attention.

i want to work with the behavior analysis unit not missing persons, but they mesh with one another, and as passionate as I am about the show, i just feel like i have somewhat of an understanding of the amount of time, tears, heartache, frustration, fear, and just flat out hope people have when trying to find a missing loved one and never really getting answers. i would want someone to not fast foward through my missing child/mother/brother/father/sister/etc just to get to the next part of the show.

so that leads me to this. i am going to start posting up random missing persons that catch my attention on here maybe like once every now and then. i haven't decided a routine, but once i do... that'll be it.

June 18, 1959
Baldwin County, Alabama
Daniel Barter

photo taken at age 4

photo age processed in 2009


Date of Birth: December 12, 1954 Place of Birth: Mobile, Alabama
Sex: Male Hair: Brown
Height:3'0" (at the time of his disappearance)
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 50 pounds (at the time of his disappearance)
Race: White

Daniel Barter has been missing from Alabama since June 18, 1959. Daniel was last seen playing near the banks of Perdido Bay where he had gone camping with his parents, siblings and other relatives. Daniel reportedly disappeared from the campsite while his parents were preparing some fishing equipment. Daniel did not like water, therefore it is believed that he would not have gone into the bay voluntarily. An extensive search for Daniel ensued immediately, but he has not been seen or heard from since that time.

I think for me what makes his story stand out, is that nobody has given up on him. Even after all of this time.

look at him.
study his face.

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You never know, you could come across the next Face on the Milk Carton story.