Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i have a serious hoarding problem. just take a look at my desktop and you'd be convinced.
i have folders and folders of just...stuff. stuff i want, but just so much of it. i'm a blog junkie. i love inspiration. i love crafts. i love pictures. seriously. i will confess to some ridiculous folders on my desktop. each of them have collections of pictures that i want to remember.
1. future home
a. bathroom
b. bedroom
c. baby room
d. children's room
e. kitchen
2. wedding
a. photography
b. dress
c. ceremony
d. reception
e. hair
f. attire
(i'll just stop there, but it goes on forever)
3. art 4. future business 5. future boutique 7. my room renovations 8. ideas for work 9. party planning ideas 10. pictures for my blog
that's just a FEW. i still have a million folders with personal pictures and music and on and on and on
anyway.. my point was to introduce fellow crazies like me a really great website i found to help store beautiful images. may not be as pretty on the outside as some other similar sites, but it is (in my opinion) far far superior.
go there and start saving! i love it. look me up and find my favorite photos.
while i'm on a photography rant, here are flickr photographers i've found over the past week that make my heart melt.
I love the hazy look in all of these photos!


OMGSH! These photos are just...captivating. That's all I can say ab them


So much talent! That little girl tugs on a heart string for sure.

Siebe I love love love this photo. He has a whole set of them. So great!

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