Friday, August 7, 2009

God-Hugs. (via Mrs. Raney)

I have this sweet friend. Her name is Tricia. She is filled with so much insight and passion.Just wanted to share with everyone her last post. LOVE and truth at it's finest.

I'm not a person that usually seeks out human affection. I respect the personal bubble. If I trust you, I'll share a bit of my struggles from time to time...but for the most part I'm a fan of depending on myself. Lately, I've been a bit trapped & lost...and I have to say last night was a rough night for my soul.but i just have to share how much i love when God just forces you into a hug...just to let you know, "I'm here & i love you...stop fighting me." One of those hugs someone has to force on you while you're crying & fighting because you're so angry, and hurt, and the point you just can't see straight. you can't see the way...but God-hugs...they give you strength...He's not telling you He'll fix everything, He's just telling you, "I'm here, use Me; us My strength. I'm here." and i can collapse into Him, into my faith & love for Him...i can cry. i can release these soul cleansing tears & just be. even if for just a moment. and at that moment i am reassured I'm not alone. i am reassured that He's watching & guiding me to that place He needs me to be. it's refreshing & relieving. I love God-hugs & I'm so glad He knows when i so desperately need them. "

thank you for your transparency, tricia! you are beautiful.

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