Sunday, December 13, 2009


i've been coming across great websites for advent conspiracy.
i wanted to make sure i had them all saved, so i decided to save them here so you can all enjoy them as well!

I have also been racking my brain on creative gifts to give my family and friends. Here are a few ideas that I want to remember.

To someone who loves flowers: you can create a precious way to give someone a membership to the "flower of the month" club where you give them a bouquet of flowers each month. Flower Inspiration. I'm thinking about doing this one for my boss along with some cute handmade vases.

Pretty jewelry and things out of someone's favorite photo.

These awesome awesome photoblocks. Love! Thinking about these for my mom and/or boss.

Anthropologie inspired ribbon bracelets

Another great bracelet. I've been seeing this one in every boutique, too!

Wood salad plate turned into art.

these pinecone people are just too fun to not post.


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