Tuesday, January 12, 2010

what's with the animals??

this isn't a vegan post. i promise. :)

it just so happens that i have read many articles the past few days and thay all oddly enough have to do with animals. and weird things about animals. you'll see what i mean in a minute. coincidence? i think n.. eh who cares? i'm still posting it.

San Franciso seals have disappeared! Weird, huh?

Scotish dogs leaping to their death on the Overtoun Bridge. Apparently over 50 dogs in the last 50 years have just..jumped off of this bridge. Weird, huh?

A bunch of cows have threw themselves off of a cliff in the Alps. Weird, huh?

Honeybees have been disappearing.If you've seen M. Night's The Happening, though, this is no surprise to you, but still..weird, huh?

All deer & cows, everywhere, face north or south while eating. Weird, huh?.

Blue whales sing deeper and deeper every year. Really. They do. Weird, huh?

Ok.. that's all i have. Crazy, huh?

I wonder if it's possible to go from a career in working with clothes and people to working with the earth and animals. of course, it's possible. But is it for me? Only God knows. It's just that I have (and always have had) a weird and crazy fascination with wildlife. I'm just coming to grips with it, but it all makes sense when i realllyyy think about it. Luke and I were having a convo last night (come to think of it) about the earth and green things and me being vegan and how i'm oddly interested in those wacky save the earth topics and things of the like. I don't know. I just think it's cool. Being earth friendly, that is. Remember that post I put up of the French family and gave birth and raised their little girl in Africa? I secretly fantasize about that. Perhaps one day..

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