Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Day of Birth

He made breakfast.
I got flowers.
And bunches of bunches of sticky notes.

And many many more I didn't get photos of.
There were in my room, my bathroom, my car.

We had lunch with my parents at The Coffee Bean.
I so recommend that place. It's off of Jefferson Hwy.
Too bad they only stay open until 3.
Best Veggie Burger In Town!

Then we went to the mall and back home to just hang out all day.
My party the night before wore us out.
It was nice to relax.

Boone gave me some special Birthday Kisses.

But then he got out of hand.

And had to be sent out.

I got good presents!
A new 40' TV. It's pretty fantastic.
And this movie I've been wanting to own.

And a spectacular new camera I can't wait to show you.

Twas a good day, indeed.

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