Monday, April 12, 2010

happy weekend polaroids

Saturday was my niece's prom night.
We went out to Clinton to see her off.
we fed the ugly duck
and made many,
many silly faces
and some smiley ones

& then Kam likes to play photographer

Isn't she pretty?

And later that night Luke had a DJ job at my alma mater.
I was a little iffy about attending, but I did.
And I'm SO glad I did.
It was hilarious.
We flexed, rubbed on our heads,
twirked, and jerked all night.
(And I used to think the bunny hop was silly.)
We had a blast.
Even Phil & Lauren showed up.
And just to seal the deal
I had this waiting on me when I got home today from school.
Just cuz'.
You can see where my thumb smudged the photo
as it was developing :)

I hope you had a fabulous weekend.
We did.

1 comment:

Janee said...

Your niece went to prom with one of my most favorite students EVER!!! Love the pics!!