Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mexico Night

Community groups are smaller groups of my church body
who live life together.
My group meets every Tuesday to study the Word,
hang out, eat, play games, etc.
Each week is different.

A group from our church is in Mexico for the week
serving and loving on friends down there.
So in honor of our friends, we threw a fiesta on hangout night.
And it was a LOT of fun!

There were decorations
lots of food
a real Mexican,
(not to be confused with Pocahontas)
and of course mustaches
mother-daughter mustaches
a uni-brow
ChaCha lessons.

And then Amparo taught us a Mexican game.
it required a lot of hand holding
we got in silly little circles & ran around singing something
like "pica de, pica de pallo".
when the song stops, you grab a partner.

Those without partners had to do a dare
like headstands
and yodeling!

and National Anthems sung in Spanish
"Jose can you seeeeee"

and more headstands!

and inappropriate dancing
by my boyfriend, who else?

so authentic, right?

I sure do love my community group.
and fiestas.


Jenny said...

i LOVE this! so fun :) i also am loving your new blog look...very nice!

MotherSea said...

thanks mam! i'm still not happy with it, but it takes so long so i left it lol. it's also doing this weird thing where it posts everything twice and i can't figure out why :(