Monday, May 3, 2010

Pretty Summer Skirts

Aren't these Tulle skirts lovely?
Wishing I looked good in skirts. I love these so much.
I might just have to buy one and save it just incase.
Tulle is having a sale starting tomorrow, too!


Jenny said...

oh my goodness. i love these skirts! i've been looking for more with the tie that are casual. this site is awesome!!

MotherSea said...

So i may or may not have been up at 5 this morning shopping their sale today!!! SUCH great deals! I got a $123 jacket for $5.99 (and many other things). ;)
No skirts though. That's on my list!

nancyb said...
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nancyb said...

WOW!!! What a bargain!!! You go girl! I just wanted to stop by and say...I'm not standing up dancing, but I have been enjoying your music ALL DAY! Makes ya move! Hee Hee! But you never expected to hear that from me! I'm kinda liking that "Gangsta" song :-) No clue what the words are but I love the beat!

Shhhhhhh...don't tell anybody!

(sorry for the delete above, I had word spelled wrong)

MotherSea said...

Aunt Nancy,
I literally just lol'd. Of course you like that music! We have the same soul!! ;) Your secret is safe with me!! lol

And mostly I just listen and dance to the beat as well and forget that the words are probably ugly. :)
Love you!