Tuesday, November 11, 2008

humiliating or rewarding?

as HRO says, blogs r basically just ways of promoting your own personal brand...so everything i'm about to do is ttlly justified by the god of hipster blogdom.

let's all take a huge moment of silence
and pause for a second to review what
the last 4 months has done to me

sadly enough,
none of these picture have been photo shopped
they haven't been stretched or shrunk
i was a monster in spring08

and luckily, i decided that WHALE wasn't a good look for me

but seriously though,
i'm disgusted

chubbtan elephantine rotound mattie vs. subtle polished thinner mattie

i still have a long way to go.

i'm pretty shocked and grossed out
at how i looked with all that beef

didn't you guys wanna tell me that i looked fug??

glad i have real friendz

jk but no srsly
don't worry.
it's pretty easy for n e 1 to have a similar, drug-free, life change

stop eating meat and dairy
and hip hop your abs until you pass out.
then do it again

2009 could be your moment to shine


update: a YEAR's difference

luke has lost so much, too! so proud of him.

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Mrs. Winkler said...

Girl i just saw this post!! Talk about self control! You are awesome :)