Monday, November 3, 2008

i am constantly looking for new corners to tuck myself into

how manageable is it to swathe the gashes?
exposing the inside of all that is familiar and stained
only to have the passion linger before you after it is released
nothing returned.

and what if it happens twice?

is Affliction supposed to continually extort your

after the assault is the key.
how obvious it is to veil.

'lock up.
stay away.
breathe out. breathe out. breathe out.'
...he taunts

fight it! clench. stay strong.
dig out.

reveal again. and again. and again.
spill out your gifts.
it is your divine right.

given from the Holy One. the Master of restoration. Adviser of armor.
telling you to open. open yourself up in Him.
and continue to
until you sit side by side
and hold hands with Him.

what right is it of yours to keep it hidden?

...He will return the favor.

I want to give You my world.

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