Monday, November 3, 2008

lay it out

i'm a lists person. my blackberry isn't close to me. and i'm also not getting up.
so i have decided to start a list post. lists for everything.
books i want very badly
1. madame bovary by gustave flaubert

things to do over christmas break
1. strip my room
2. sponge paint my walls
3. make dad build my bed
4. paint canvas' for walls
5. make Christmas presents
6. finally fill up a sketch book
7. learn how to revamp old books
8. learn how to make money revamping old books to sell on etsy
9. sell dad's art on etsy
10. play with cole
11. teach kam the colors & how to count from 1 - 10 in the
correct order
12. go hunting with dad
13. convince luke that deer hunting isn't dumb
14. convince the word that animal is really bad for the body

1. an ipod thing for my car
2. wallet
3. polaroid camera
5. the rest of the will & grace episodes i'm missing
6. #5, but dawson's creek
7. gps
8. new flat iron
9. curtains
10. a couch
11. mac gift certificate
12. clothes. clothes. and more clothes
13. fitflops (see 2nd post below)
14. photo shop
15. new sewing machine
16. more OPI polishes
17. leather journal
18. this owl necklace
19. this one, too!
20. all of the essential/accessories that go with a sewing machine
21. the vanity case in pink from (editors edition) from steamline luggage
22. a bunch of these for my new room

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