Tuesday, February 24, 2009


so this comes from my aspiration to be a wedding planner. i'm addicted. wedding blogs, details, dresses, favors, ideas. i'm pretty much on a wedding site every day. without fail

here is one of my biggest annoyances.
1. when brides are afraid to shop for bridesmaid dresses that aren't labelled "bridesmaid dresses"

aren't those grey ones pretty? none of which came from a bridesmaid collection. i think even one i found on amazon. ha

they are different and i'm pretty sure you'd make some ladies happy if they got to wear one of those.

so, brides, don't be afraid. it's ok to pick a regular dress for them.


Janee said...

Where were you and your ideas when I got married? I especially love the two on the right... although it would be cool/fun to have a mix-match of these!

lana said...

love love love. i've always said my maids will NOT wear bridesmaid dresses. maybe not even all the same dress. wedding planning... how fun!