Monday, February 16, 2009


Ok, so I guess after all of that I have to go'head and tell about my day.
Yes.. there might be a little gag factor, but you're going to just have ignor that. After all that he did for me, the boy deserves a little braggin' on, no?
We both are too much alike, and ironically, we both had the same idea. God just let it play out perfectly without any surpises being ruined.

Oh Happy Day!

little toot had to help paint

Luke had a meeting that morning at work, so while he was there.. I ran to highland rd park and tried to set up this little shindig. I've never been on an actual picnic, so I thought I would try one. Except a little unconventional. Breakfast picnic :) Cheesy? Yes, very. But I don't care. Some old fella helped me out. He was pretty funny.

Let's take a second and examine this card. That was pretty much my favorite "gift". I racked up on paper at hobby lobby (50% off. man, i love that place) and the core is made out of a disney store gift box. ha. When Luke and I were friends, there was this song a absolutely loved. I barely even remember telling him about it. A year later, our first Christmas together, Luke got me a purity ring with my favorite line from the song inscribed on the inside. Yeah..
So that is what the heart is. Of course, that's not the right sheet music for the song. I had to compromise. I just copied sheet music and then used paint to fill in the lyrics to our song. Then I sewed it to that velvet paper. The inside has 1 Cor 13 on the left, which is what Luke reads everynight before he goes to sleep without fail and has for over a year. Yeah..

Luke has been mentioning lately how much he loves pork and eggs for breakfast. So that is what I had made. Dad had to grill them. I might have gagged. Ha. That's a joke. I don't eat meat.. incase you haven't heard already. Those biscuits are mcdonalds. lol I thought they were pretty cute.

(*yes, that's mine on the left. haha)

So my actual gift: I finally got Luke a purity ring. I had my etsyfriend Tal custom design this ring for me.. all the way from Isreal! Tal really does some beautiful work. He's about me favorite friend on etsy. And of course.. 1 cor 13 on the inside. I think he liked it.

So yeah... we had a good time. I went home to unload my stuff and met Luke at his house. He wouldn't let me go inside when I got there. I had to go straight to the car. Then finally Bailey and Mrs Bridge came to keep me company while they giggled and whispered the whole time. So finally after we left.. I asked Luke where it was we were going. He wouldn't answer. I then asked how long this would take and he said "Um.. a while". I started guessing times and after "Um, a little more than 2 hours" I was completely lost! I had NO idea where we were going. Or why. My friend Heidi and her husband were going to New Orleans so I kept thinking that maybe we were, too. Even after he pointed out that we were going the opposite way of New Orleans. After passing the Hattiesburg exit and then noticing the Biloxi tower I shouted "WHAT?! Are we in Mississippi?". And then I get a "uhh... yeah baby. we've been in mississippi for the past 45 minutes at least."

He then blinded me with a bandana while I snuck in some text messages to Bailey because I was very confused. He then found out and fussed so I was stuck getting motion sickness with my bandana covered eyes for at least 15 minutes. Ok, so probably just like 5, but it felt like forever.
Let me back up a little bit before I go any further.. the other day at the bookstore I picked up a lighthouse book and casually mentioned how much I LOVED lighthouses and am bound and determined to go to a real one in maine or something before I die.
...back to the story: SO when the car finally stopped, he took the bandana off and there in front of me was the Biloxi lighthouse. ha. yeah..

And here's the "ironically" part.. he had a picnic planned for the beach! ha two great minds..
He spent all day Friday at whole foods trying to pick out vegan food. He did pretty well I must admit! He made homemade chips and guacamole (my fav) and then a sandwich and kiwi and strawberries and a salad and little toasts with cheese. Oh and a big cookie! YUM! Then we fed the seagulls, which is too much entertainment. I love those birds. Then we went to the Beau Rivage (or the "Beau Virage" as Luke's mawmaw likes to call it) to use the restroom. Do all Casinos smell like old lady and smoke or is it just that one?
Anyway.. it was a pretty place. oh, & of course I forgot my camera so these are the oh so fabulous iphone photos

And here's my one last little surprise for Luke when we got back to my house.

a mini cake for my guy who's tryin to eat right:)

so that is our valentine09
yes, i am aware that I am a huge cheeseball and have a thing for all things pretty and sweet, but i'm ok with that.
and I blog this not to make you roll your eyes, or brag, or make you jealous, but hopefully let you see that it is possible. & You know what that 'it' is that I'm referring to..
All I can say is that God has blessed me more than I every deserve and to Him be the glory.. for Luke.. for us.. for this day. I couldn't be happier. So don't give up!

oh.. and this guy. :)


kristinalynn said...

Mattie! omg i almost teared up a little bit i'm sooo jealous!! :( haha i love you and i'm glad yall are so happily in love! and that u found somebody who does cute things for u.

Janee said...

i LOVE you and luke!!!