Sunday, February 1, 2009

vday overload.

Is it a Hallmark holiday? Yes.
Does it make singles feel crappy? Yes.
Is there tons of cute stuff everywhere? Yes.

This year that last one won out. Take a look at all the pretties out there!
I couldn't help myself.
I love Valentine's Day. Not because of my significant other (well, i mean..he's nice, too), but because of all the desirable little crafts that make me want to sit home with a little girl and make pretty things all day. I wish I had somebody to make them for/with. I mean, what do you do with them anyway? Luke wouldn't give a crap about cute cards or decorations. I don't have a home to decorate yet. I guess I have some friends I could make them for, but still a little awkward. Here is a collection of cutesty crafts and/or decorations I would LOVE to take advantage of. And then at the very bottom I've added different ideas for your man or lady. And this is a VERY big deal for me. I hate giving away my secrets- especially websites. But I need to get over that.

find out how

look at the rest of the pics and story






[valentine soaps]




Y chromosomes:
For your geeky guy: ThinkGeek
For your smoker: Vintage lighters
For your biker: bicycle mug
For your poker player: [coasters] [cuffs]
For your guitar player: Pick
For your Lost lover: fish cookies
For your photographer: [whitebalance]
outfit for your special night: [belt][boutonniere][hat][bowtie][blkhrttie] [dottie][apron]

dblX chromosome:
For your fashionista: [babydoll][flrclutch][hat][booties][bolero][suede][ruffle][flprtop]
For your jeweled lady: [bangle][ltrlocket][keyneck][82locket][band][brassbracelet][mameneck][btrcupring][flwrneck]
For your homeowner hunny: [mug][ylwhrtdish][ppybowl][vase][reddinner][frame][chlkboard][dmskdinner]
For your romantic:[fairytalebook]
Dress the part: [clutch][arrow][dmskclutch][hat][headpiece][hrtring][redring][sparrowneck][loveneck][hrtneck][brassneck][shirt][60sdress][heels][flwrdress]


[most romantic movies]

Send a valentine's day card to a soldier: [herobox] or PO Box 3061, Peachtree City, GA 30269. all cards must be received by HeroBox as of February 6th to ensure they are delivered by Valentine’s Day

& if you're going to get chocolate, at least find something different: [koolgirlposse]

send a teeny tiny valentine: words smallest postal service

valentine's day charities that could use some love.

i'll be updating this. hopefully with some great ideas for the day and more goodies!


kristinalynn said...

wowwwwwwwwww i just LOVE valentines day. not haha but all this stuff is really cute

Jessica said...

I've been very good. : ) Staying busy with school like always. What are you going to school for?
And yes, that is still fun to hear, lol
(by the way, I really liked your post) ; )