Wednesday, March 18, 2009

love. actually. is. all. around.

i can't wait to grow up
& not have responsibilities

yup. you read it right.

i can't wait to have time to be spontaneous and creative. right now in my life i go to school, come home and do schoolwork, go to work and do school work, take a break and think about the school work that needs to be done. i was reading a recent college graduate/newlywed's blog and she mentioned all of the spare time she has now to do little projects. i can't even imagine having time to actually engage in all of my ideas! so with that, i think i'm going to start blogging my ideas so i can have them on record for when the time comes! maybe that will also serve as motivation to find some spare time to complete something in the time that i have now. make sense?

Today's Spontaneous Idea:
I want to drag Luke + friends along to the airport and welcome home total strangers. just imagine it: everyone would be so surprised and happy! in a perfect world, everyone is welcomed home.

p.s. i totally understand that once grown, i will have 100million&1+ new responsibilities to manage. tis' ok.


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