Monday, March 16, 2009

ipod therapy

last night luke and i were getting on each others nerves in the car. this happens quite often, but never really to the point where it's taken too far. so last night we found a fun way to work out our frustration with one another. keep in mind this is all a big joke. dr. phil most likely won't recommend it, but who cares? we had fun.

we are constantly fighting over what is played on the ipod in the car. i'm sorry if i get tired to the same whiney screaming "hardcore". i like variety. so in our attempts to resolve our issues and outrage, we also satisfied our music delimma. it's fun. try it sometimes.

here is the concept of the game:
take turns flipping through the ipod and finding a song meant for your significant other, especially when they are driving you insane :). once your song is played, then it's their turn to pick their love/hate song.

here is our list that was played. to get the full humor & banter, you need to recognize the song and know the words. so look up the lyrics if you get bored. *warning: some contain dirty words. in fact, a few do. but good thing majority were all being screamed at us so we couldn't really hear the ugliness of the words anyway.

Mattie2Luke Choice 1:
"You're Cute When You Scream" -Senses Fail

Luke2Mattie Choice 1:
""It Aint Me, Babe" -Johnny Cash

Mattie2Luke Choice 2:
"There's More to Me than You"-Jessica Andrews

Luke2Mattie Choice 2:
"Congratulations, I Hate You" -Alesana

Mattie2Luke Choice 3:
"Unlove Me" -Julie Andrews

and then little stinker got in the last one to try to be the hero
Luke2Mattie Choice 3:
"Everything" -Brad Paisley

ha ha ha.
what a great game! so much was resolved and we laughed the entire time.
Slán leat!

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