Tuesday, April 14, 2009

three in one

when i was a little bit younger i would go into seclusion once a month. not necessarily on a specific date or time, it would just happen. i used to crave having time to be alone, be inspired, be creative, and make things. anyways, i just went into seclusion.

today marks the day of change. actually last night really marked it, but today i'm preparing myself for it.

maybe it's because luke's gone? maybe it's because certain events have taken place over the past 24 hrs that really pushed me? who knows? i know i sure don't. but i do know Who does.

for me it's important to:
be still
learn more
jump in
be challenged
turn off my phone
think things to death
push harder
be inspired

He's stretching my mind and making me love & understand more than i have before. it's a tad overwhelming, but i love it!

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