Tuesday, August 11, 2009

children's museum sneak peek


yesterday luke and i planned on taking kam to the zoo in new orleans. we went on and on all weekend about 'the zoo' and 'the animals'- waking her up by singing about the animals, watching madagascar, bringing her disney animal encyclopedia on the road trip, and singing the last half hour "we're goin to the zoo. we're goin to the zoo. we're goin to the zoo oh yeah! we're goin to the zoo. we'll see some monkeys too.we'll see some monkeys too......" while searching for the zoo.

we finally park and BAM! It's closed. who doesn't check the hours of operation before planning a day and driving all the way there and getting a 2 yr old more excited than on her birthday - LUKE AND ME! that's who.

her response went a little like this -
luke get's her out of the car.
she's still singing "we're goin to the zoooo."
and comes and sits on my lap in the driver's seat.
"come on ma-ma."
"kam, it's closed"
"but...." (sad face then pats my shirt) "...you already have your clothes"

OH!!! so sad. we ended up at the children's museum. which was always my favorite NO place growing up. she was super excited. i feel she was at a perfect age,too. she couldn't do as much or understand a lot of it... but i can only imagine what was going through her head as she went through the little win dixie with her shopping cart and picking out little plastic veggies. we have tons of pictures and video that i have yet to sort through, but once i do..it's gonna be friggin' picture city on this here blog. you just wait!

in the mean time...here's a little photo sneak peek of what's to come for your entertainment.

luke and me. on the shadow wall. being the biggest kids in the place.

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