Wednesday, August 19, 2009

children's museum

there were too many pictures and i'm too lazy so i went ahead and put them on a flickr account. i will post a link to them soon. they are all out of order bc some came from luke's phone and others from my camera..

but i will upload some video! SOOO precious. i don't expect you all to watch every one, but they are here incase you would like to. :)

We were in this dark room and the light pen drew pictures on the wall

OH MY GOODNESS!! Make sure you watch until the drums get faster.

kind of long, but if you do watch it make sure the volume is up!

serve you?

hokay, luke might flip, but oh my.. so funny! he slips a little naughty word when he hits the floor but it's all in good fun so let's throw away our judgement shades. :)

@ superior grill

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