Monday, August 24, 2009


i'm pretty sure everyone makes fun of me behind my back after we part,
but i could care less.
i. love. them.


ashley hawthorne said...

i just found your blog and wanted to tell you that i fully support your leap into the world of large chunky frames. If its good enough for estelle, its good enough for me!

MotherSea said...

so..i don't know the rules for commenting back on blogs. haven't gotten that far yet, but i'll try it this way :)

SO glad i have support. you are close to the only one!! haha i can't pull them off like estelle, but i can dang sure try.
i'm also glad i have your blog to stalk now. we will be great friends i know it. ;)

Jonathan's (daily news) said...

I love the Golden girls , that was one of my shows I loved, and tell me this why girls can bring back stuff like big glasses and stuff ,but if us guys bring something back were are labeled dorks its not fair.

OK, I will stop whining,but it still isn't fair

Jonathan's (daily news) said...

Mattie final words people do not make fun of you,and plus you see how strong I am if I ever catch someone making fun of you I could crush them as if I were Rodney aka Reaux