Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Witches love Jesus, right??

I have a confession:
I have a girl-crush on Sandra Bullock.

And one of my favorite movies of all time is one of her's: Practical Magic.
First of all, both Sandra and Nicole Kidman are absolutely gorgeous! The entire movie is just precious and exciting and enticing and kind of scary.

But besides all of the pretties, and movie fancies that I just love.. one of my favorite parts of the movie is just the scenery. The little town they live in is precious. I really want to live in a town where I can walk to most of the places that I need to visit.
My next favorite part is the HOUSE! Have you seen it?!?! Ah! I have dreamed of a house like this one since I was a little girl and I'm starting to realize it is because of this movie! I want to live in that house. I want to live in that town. I want to be Sandra (most days). I want to have special witchy powers. I want twin girls (I've already put in my order with the Big Guy). I want that garden. I want to have midnight margaritas with the girls in my fam. I want to live by water. I want a green room in my home. I want to own a little botanical filled with products that I make. I want to dance naked under the moon. Ok, so maybe not that last one... but the idea does sound alluring ;).

So yes. That is my confession. I have a weird obsession with Practice Magic. Enough of that, on to the pictures!

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog. Practical Magic is my all time favorite movie. I can tell you though as someone who used to read up on the craft, witches don't love Jesus lol. But enjoying the movie definitely isn't wrong. It's fantasy just like Harry Potter etc. Have you read the book Practical Magic? It's a lot different than the movie but still really good. :)