Sunday, January 3, 2010


what's with all the twitter hatin?

here's how i view the whole shebang.

to some it up: twitter is just a great way to invest in someone's life.

sure, twitter can be used for a lot of junk, but so can pretty much anything in this world. i can take the purest thing in the world and use it for a lot of junk. simple enough?

"if i want someone to know what i'm doing i'll pick up the phone and call them."
"if it's important enough, I'll pick up a phone and call them."
"if i need someone to pray for me, we can go get coffee"

YES! of course you can do all those things. but why not use a tool that can get you the niddy griddy on what is going on in a person's life 24/7?? idk about you, but I have a hard time thinking that people care enough about me to call them with every little thing that I need them to pray for. with twitter, those (that i choose) following me can see the simple things and be able to stay up to date with my life in such a more intimate and special way than they could if I didn't have twitter. intimate? yes. intimate. i wouldn't call someone or sit down with someone just to tell them the cutest thing that Kamryn just said or that i'm having to work on Christmas Eve. Even though i'm sure there are a few people that do care about those things in my life, I have a hard time believing that most times and don't pick up a phone.

And best thing about it is that you can choose who you want to follow you. You can choose who you follow.

Can twitter be used as a doorway to awful pride and self assurance and annoying messes and crappy decisions? duh. duh. duh. but so can a phone call.

Wasn't it just yesterday we were fussin that emails were replacing phone calls and we all were going to suffer from the lack of intimacy? Yup. And before emails.. phones were shunned I'm sure. Now I guess it's just Twitter's turn.

And sure twitter is just a crazy temptation to do all of the junky things with it, but I'm personally a fan of stickin with the temptation and trying to overcome it everyday instead of avoiding it completely. How will I ever learn to conquer something if I'm never around it? What's that whole saying, in the world & not of it? Maybe that's reaching..but it all has the same ring to it if you ask me.
Of course there are things in my life that I just completely avoid because I know that I have such a bad record with defeat...but those things can be completely avoided in my life and I try my hardest to not have the mindset that "just because I can't conquer it and use it for the best..doesn't mean that it is bad all together and that it has the same effect on me as everyone else", and (for the most part) make a conscience effort to avoid bashing that one thing all together. That was a crazy run-on and i'm sure didn't make a lick of sense..just go with it.

Now, should twitter replace those times of phonecalls and one-on-ones and personal relationships? frick no. of course not.
Can twitter be used to strengthen a relationship in Christ? frick yes. of course so.

so back up off it.


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