Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I have a really big confession.
I'm pretty sure if you follow me on twitter that it is no surprise to anybody, but.. I have to get it off of my blog chest.

I love Lady Gaga.

Ok, I wouldn't say LOVE lady gaga...but I love her music. I am the biggest hypocrite (confession #2 coming) because I was the one voicing how much I couldn't stand the girl not 5 months ago. Mainly because she was a Roisin Murphy knock off and everyone was falling for it. And no, I still don't care for her lyrics, lifestyle, etc..but dang her music is catchy and makes me wanna dance! And if you didn't know already, some days (most days) i want to be a professional dancer. Hahaha. Not even kidding.

It all started about a month ago when my friends begged and begged us to go with them to her concert. Seriously, the girl begged. She couldn't find any friends that would go with her. HECK NO! Out of the question. No way I was spending $50 on a ticket to go and support that girl with her dirty lyrics and bad habits. AND it was on a Sunday night. Skip church for that? No way. I couldn't. God would send a lightening bolt down on me just for the thought.

Well I don't know how it happened, but in an act of spontaneity... my friend purchased four tickets and talked us into going. After all, Luke and I needed a fun night and it was in New Orleans so we thought it'd be a semi-fun road trip...and if know the show would be entertaining (to say the least). It all happened so fast. I don't know if I'm that big of a pushover or if my friends are just that great at doing the pushing, but alas.. we said we'd go.

So up until the night of the show Luke and I tried our hardest to listen to a lot of gaga tunes so we wouldn't be completely lost. (Here is where I start to do a lot of explaining and excusing, none of which can cover up her filthy lyrics, so I won't even try.) Well we loved her music!

Our friends go to concerts a lot so it wasn't any surprise to me that that'd want to be up in front next to the stage. The best tickets were general admission so first come first serve as to who would be the closest. Well our friends ended up getting there at 10 a.m. (show started at 7:30). Luke and I rolled up around 1:30. I was DREADING the wait in line and still couldn't believe I was there waiting in line for LADY GAGA for 6 hours. All day I kept saying, "What am I doing?? Who am I?" The wait in line ending up being one of the best parts. We became friends with the crazy fans next to us. There were only 13 people in front of us. 5 of which were dressed up AS Gaga and the rest all had Gaga love shirts on. It was just as entertaining watching the different people and outfits come and go past us. I've never seen so many bow heads and girls with just leggings on with a shirt that definitely needed pants and not leggings. haha. The girls next to us really were so much fun and I enjoyed just people watching.

When we finally got into the was a MAD RUSH to see who could get the closest. I'm not the best with big crowds and rude people shoving, but I stuck through. Luke helped a lot. Anyway.. after a terrible opening band (that I'm still trying to force the images out of my head) and lots of anticipation and waiting..out came gaga! In a full light up leotard. hahaha. The whole night was a blur. So much to watch and hear. So much going on around me. She has some DEVOTED fans.. let's just keep it at that.

I had a blast!! Despite the fact that my feet and back were KILliNG me from standing up for hours. Gaga really is impressive. She sang for the entire two hours she performed and danced most of it. I'm a big So You Think You Can Dance fan since season 2 and one of my favorites from season 4, Mark, was one of her dancers! Total surprise and I watched him most of the time. So great! She had so many costume changes and did crazy things I've never seen a performer do before, some of which i wish I wouldn't have had to experience, but I cannot deny that I had so much fun. The girl is huge! And we got to see her not 15 ft away for 2 hours. Yes, there were so many naughty things I wish I didn't have to hear or experience, but I still had fun.

So that is my big confession. And I'm still here.. not in in hell. Funny how I understand Jesus, grace, mercy, freedom, being in the world and not of it,etc. etc. etc. and thoughts of lightning bolts and guilty thoughts run through my mind because I like secular music. That's not me at all! And it still seeped in. Thank you, Jesus, for the clarity and showing up even through vulgarity and crazy concerts. You are awesome as always.

Yesterday Luke and I were trying to paint my baseboards in my room (renovation project since 2008 sadly) and Gaga was playing on his laptop. We both looked up and noticed we couldn't get much done for dancing. haha I'm glad he enjoys her music, too, and has recently gotten bitten by the dance groovin bug, because boy..that guy can cut a rug.

Here's a funny post from Stuff Christians Like about Lady Gaga that reminded me of myself. haha

Here are the few pictures we got. I couldn't bring in my big camera on the floor, so Luke tried to get some on his phone but they are all pretty blurry. :(

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lana said...

dang..... UBER jealous... I knew she'd put on a freak show in the best way possible. REALLY wish we would have contacted her peeps in time. can you imagine the spread??? glad yall had fun though!!