Saturday, January 30, 2010


Maybe today I will get out of bed and make a fun recycling project with old walmart bags!!

Maybe my boyfriend will wake up before 2 p.m. and be able to join in on the fun.

Maybe I forgot to turn on the heat last night, not knowing it would be fuh-reezing all night, and am now too lazy to get up in turn it on. Why do I insist on being miserable in bed instead of getting up to do something to make me not miserable (i.e. tinkle, get some water, turn heat on, know what i'm talkin' bout!)??

Maybe school isn't as bad this semester because I'm realizing that Jesus is more important, so allowing Him to be the forefront of everything in my life makes me realize what's important and what's for His glory...and not mine.

Maybe I'm tired of being a vegan, but can't come close to allowing meat come 5 inches from my face. sigh..

Maybe I want Luke to learn how to play the piano and then teach me.

Maybe I will find a random person's blog, obsess over them, and read every single entry from oldest to most recent in a few sittings.

ok, that last one was weird. embarrassed.

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