Saturday, January 30, 2010


I am the worst caregiver in the world.
Apparently last night as I was sleeping during our movie (if you don't already know, i can't make it through a movie to save my life) my Sweet Luke got super sick all of a sudden. And apparently all I kept telling him (in my sleep) was, "Luke! Will you please just be quiet?!" Ha! I don't even remember any of it. It got so I'm told...that Luke got so ticked and just left without waking me up and telling me bye.

Today I went over to his house. Luke spent most of the day sick in bed. I spent most of the day on my computer. Every now and then he'd ask me to come sit with him, rub his back, get him this, get him that, and to be completely honest... every time I would say "ok..just hold on," and "okkk let me just finish this."

can you believe that?
who knew I was so stinkin' selfish?!!!

anyway, I realized it today and am trying to make it up to him. starting now.

delicious, home made, caramel apple spice for my Sweet Luke.

("Sweet Luke" is what Kamryn calls him every time she wants something, is playing with him, randomly acknowledges Luke's awesomeness. usually in this way, "I love you MY Sweet Luke!")

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