Monday, March 29, 2010


If any of you know our dog, Boone, it is no surprise to you what happened last night.
If you don't, well here's the story.
You see, we have this dog. He's a bloodhound. His name is Boone.
AND I SWEAR TO YOU: The dog was cursed at birth. He had to be.
When he was, oh I don't remember, 4sh months old we brought him to our friend's house for a bonfire.
Boone, being the little annoying pup he was, kept getting on their grown lab, Ellie's, nerves.
Well the combination of sizes and Boone driving her crazy left us with a bloody pup and a broken pup jaw.
It was completely Boone's fault. No hard feelings, Ellie.
It was a pretty wild night. The following days after the incident were tiring and worrisome.
In and out of the vet. In and out of the pharmacy. Up all night.
He eventually got better after his jaw was wired for a few weeks.
Oh, I forgot to tell you. He's technically my dad's dog, and dad just so happened to be out of town when this happened.

Boone's had a few other accidents here and there, none worthy of a blog entry, but on one particular friday (last friday to be exact), Boone got hit by a car. Dad witnessed it. Again, Boone's fault. He's so daggum stubborn! Apparently, it wasn't a big deal. But then again, if dad had been in town for the broken jaw incident, that wouldn't have been that big of a deal either.

My parents left for atlanta Sunday afternoon. Luke and I came over to get some of my things Sunday night after church. The minute I opened the curtains covering the french doors that lead to Boone's domain, here he comes, dashing towards the door. The minute he jumps on the glass, it shatters!! I scream. Luke runs.
We go outside and can't find him. He finally mosies around the corner, head tucked down in shame. There was glass and blood EVERYWHERE! He won't sit still either so that made it worse. He has a pretty deep cut in his foot that we tried to patch up with hydrogen peroxide. And to top it off, before we could get the sharp pieces of glass from the frame, he did it again!! Except this time he went through the glass instead of just breaking it and I screamed even LOUDER because I was right there on the other side picking up. Let's just say it was a long night. We finally figured out the smartest thing to do was to put him in his kennel until Luke could patch up the window (genius, i know).
His foot was still bleeding this morning, but I think we are all going to be ok. Floor is cleaned. Window is patched. Paw is recovering. Parents are still out of town. And yes, I most definitely skipped school today to process and recoup.

That is my Boone story. I didn't get any pics from last night because that was the absolute last thing on my mind, but believe me...there was blood and glass and lots of it!

We love you, Boone, but dang... you are a mess!!!


Dillon said...

poor puppy. my ten year old labrador is almost just as clumsy :P Must say, boone is quite the handsome pup!

kristinalynn said...

oh my goshh poor doggy :( dont put anymore hydrogen peroxide in the cuts if they're really deep b.c air cant reach that far and the moisture will cause an infection. gosh hahah that dog sounds funny!!!