Monday, March 22, 2010

Renewable Natural Resources.

I got a bad grade on a test.
and you want to know what?

My family will be waiting on me when I get home.
Luke is still texting me.
My community group is still scheduled for
Tuesday night. 7 p.m. Lawrence Home.
I'm still about to eat lunch without any problems.
Tonight, I'll still get in my same bed.
I still have TOPS
so Dad doesn't have to work more just for me.
I'm still going to graduate.
I'm still going to get a great job that I love.

And yes, Jesus is still King.

Three years from now I won't even remember crying over this test today.


nb said...

And that's the truth!

Package headed your way, tomorrow :-)

nb said...

OH! Love you!

LexieBee:) said...

im feelin ya girl! But the positive outlook is definitely encouraging :)

trixerelixer said...

i heart you!