Sunday, March 7, 2010

Luke's Birthday 2010

Better late than never!

Luke has always told me how much he wants me to go play golf with him (total bore, I know). He hasn't had the money to play in a while so his good friend, Stephen, told me to bring him to the Bluffs Country Club in St. Francisville.

We spent the afternoon in the beautiful weather, in a beautiful countryside, playing golf. Ok, so maybe
I just drove the cart around a lot. We still had a lot of fun. The country club is so pretty! The land was unbelievable. It was so peaceful.
We really enjoyed the day.

I'm so glad he was born.


trixerelixer said...

how awesome!

we all need a double date as soon as y'all have time!

kristinalynn said...

how sweet :)

Dillon said...

sounds like fun! luke's a lucky guy! :)