Thursday, June 17, 2010

Aunt Nancy

Hello, Bloggy Friends!
If you haven't noticed her blog on my little sidebar over there, you need to.
She's my Aunt Nancy and she's incredibly talented.
Ever since I can remember, Aunt Nance has dabbled in some form of art. She loves anything she can make with her hands!! It must be a family thang.
While I could go on and on about her work with paper, stamps, clay, jewelry, and anything that makes your crafty heart flutter, I'm here to tell you about her recent adventure.

In just two weeks, Aunt Nancy learned how to make a website and built this fabulous one to sell some digital stamps made by her other talented bud, Andrea.
They just kicked off the website this week, and to make it better they are offering 30% off sale on everything in the shop! WOOHOO. You know I love me a sale!
So click on the little button above, and check it out! Buy some stuff! Sign the guestbook! Email some love!
Make her day.

p.s. You can also follow Aunt Nancy's craft blog, Diecut Fun. It's a great read.

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