Thursday, June 24, 2010

Secret's Out!

I have a secret that I've kept (for the most part) for a little while. I've been chompin' at the bit, ready to let it out, and now I finally can!! Are you ready?


Odelma Vintage is finally up and running!!
And I couldn't be happier.
(Do your remember when I was scheming it up back in April?)

Who knew starting an etsy shop would be so much work??
I'm not complaining though. I love every little bit of it.
I did have some help from the fabulous Jenny Gilbert!!
(Remember, she did my invitations for my party.)
She has helped so much from the beginning!
From pushing me to open it, to helping me gather ideas,
making my banner & buttons, replying so kindly to me 100 emails a day,
you name it! She was there. THANKS SO MUCH, JENNY! <3
(Check out her design blog, Jen & Ink!)

Here's another little secret. 
The shop has actually been up on Etsy for about a week.
I wanted to open it and start getting some items up,
tweak it, figure the etsy world out, etc. before I announced that it was open.
The morning after the night I opened it, I already had 2 people that had
favorited the shop, a question about an item, 
and many other items that had been favorited.
I was ecstatic! So fun!
Throughout the week, I've gotten questions, comments,
offers, and Odelma has even been featured in THREE treasuries
Count Them:

I don't have as many items up on the Etsy that I do in my inventory, but they are coming!
There are still some major tweaking I need to do here and there.
Here are some ways you can help me!!
First, go check out the shop.
Add it as a favorite. 
("Add seller to favorites.")

I also started an Odelma Blog.
(Like I need another blog, I know) ;)
I don't have an official banner on there yet, but I will soon.
And my blog & shop buttons are going to change just a bit.
But, you can definitely start following it!
You will notice Luke's face under "Followers", so click that button!
You can also go ahead and add it on your Google Reader.
Grab a button, put it on your blog. Link back to me. :)
Also, if you have a button for your site or blog,
send it my way! I'd love for you to be on there.
 Email me & I'll give you the dimensions of my sidebars. 
I have so many fantastic ideas for posts, and I can't wait to get started.

I haven't started a Facebook or anything for it.
I seriously doubt I will.
We'll see.
(but I definitely wouldn't hate a facebook shout out if you're up for it) ;)

I've thought about Odelma Twitter.
I'd like to tweet updates, but I don't want my personal twitter to
be flooded with Odelma news. I know some people might not enjoy that.
I'll just have to let that thought sit for a while.
Your thoughts are welcome as well! :)

Well that's my secret.
It was a pretty good one, huh?!?
I want to thank all of you for your support and kind words already.
mmmmmm. love.
For real. You guys, my friends, are awesome.
Please, please let me know what you think! 
I'm alllll about help and suggestions. 



nancybabb said...

MATTIE!!! MATTIE!!!! I'm so excited for you!!! YOU GO GIRL!

explain the name please...

gotta go "favorite" you right now!

Love you,

nancybabb said...

OK, well DUH!!! All I needed to do was click to see your the "explain"!!! Now I need to go read it...

I know that you have thrilled your dad! and me :-)