Thursday, June 24, 2010


My parents, Luke, and I are getting away for the weekend. We're headed to our friends' fishin camp.
There won't be a lick of internet out there, so I won't be around. Unless Luke's new iPhoneMegaTron4 can blast free wifi in the middle of no where with the touch of a button. Keeping my fingers crossed.
We are very excited to get away. Luke's been all study study study for a while and we're sick of it.

THEN, on Wednesday, a group of girlies and I are headin' out to Arkansas for the week. A whole bunch of days of RNR and silly girly things. I'm hopin to get my shoppin hands on some great vintage/thrift shops. We might even go parasailing! I think I'm up for it, but you know who REALLY is? My friend, Janee. Man, she's so exciting about that day. (heh heh).

What's that you say? Terrible timing? "How can she be leaving when she just opened up an Etsy shop?"
I know, I know. But it wasn't my timing, it was His. I didn't plan it that way. Most of my plans rarely match up with His, and it always works out. So I will rejoice in it.
I'll still be doing all of my online things during the week in Arkansas. Like posting on Odelma Blog, fixing up the look of it, rearranging some shop stuff, etc. And my super boyfriend has agreed to take charge of my inventory and promises to ship out anything that gets sold while I'm gone. Maybe his iPhoneMegaTron4 can ship things, too?!?! Lucky him.

So, farewell! See ya in a few days.

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