Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Camp

I'm back!
I know, I haven't updated in forever.
There wasn't wifi at the resort in Arkansas, and I've been trying to play catch up with Odelma since I got back. But I am most certainly back, and had lots of fun on my little vacations. Here are a few pics from the camp! The Arkansas ones are comin'.

The camp is actually my dad's friend's camp on Old River. It's my FAVORITE. The camp itself is so big and nice. The whole place is so relaxing and secluded. There's a porch, two swings, a pier, lots of land, and everything is CLEAN! (No old, cooped up, fishing camp smell). We had a blast.

The river was really high the weekend we stayed. The water covered 98% of the pier, which made for bad fishing, but funnnn swimming! Luke had to get out there asap. I got in later. He did lose his awesome knife we found at a garage sale, which he was super bummed about. But I replaced it with one from Arkansas, so he's fine. :)

We did fish a whole lot even though we didn't have much luck. 

I'm pretty sure Boone had the most fun out of all of us. And to think we almost didn't bring him!
We are always trying to get him to go into the pool with us at the house. We even have him a kiddy pool to cool off in, and he doesn't want anything to do with it! All weekend he kept creeping out to the edge of the water, going as far as he was comfortable, and then reach his paws out over the water like he wanted to just swim on out, but never would. Luke and I finally got in and Boone was going crazy wanting to get to us. Luke finally pulled him in, and plopped him on the floaty. He wouldn't sit still, and jumped back on the pier as soon as it got close. If you can see in the bottom left photo below, there was a silver floatie stuck in the bottom of the stairs of the pier. One time when we weren't looking, Boone just walked down the steps, onto the floatie, and threw his hands over the pillow and just looked at us. Like, "heh, showed yall!" We couldn't keep him out of the water after that!! He loved it so much, and we loved him in there!

And that was our weekend at the camp! 

Oh, P.S. 
Luke wouldn't let me post this until I told yall about this thing: 
It's a shed with a big floatie thing at the bottom, so if the water ever rises that high, the shed would turn into a floating shed. He thought it was the coolest thing ever.

oh and pps (pss?)
i have a new blog header. i know it's changed like 20x the last few weeks, but what do yall think of this one? too much?

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