Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween from The Ring

There's no doubt about me loving my church. I've brought my church to my blog before. It's a part of me.
Here is a cool, Jesus perspective on halloween from my church. It can be found here.
I know most of you reading this probably go to my church and this is no news to you, but I just wanted to share this for those who don't and struggle or have ever struggled with halloween vs. Christianty. Read below.
I love truth!

"halloween always causes a bit of a stir within the Christian community, and this year is no exception with the 31st falling on a sunday. we at the ring are not trying to stir the pot, but we have to act one way or the other because trick-or-treating in baton rouge and surrounding areas takes place during our regular sunday worship gathering. the elders feel led to move our gathering up from 6:00pm to 10:00am for this sunday (10/31) only. our heart is not to endorse or condemn the events surrounding halloween, but to acknowledge this day for what it is: an opportunity. this is the one consistent night of the year where neighborhoods come alive, people visit each other door-to-door, and new connections are made. if we truly believe God has called us to represent Him in our neighborhoods and love our neighbors as ourselves, then it would be irresponsible for us to ignore this incredible opportunity to just that and have it not be weird (oh yeah, don't be weird about it... that's super important).
so as the weekend approaches, we ask you to do two things: pray for the night, that God would use this as a chance for us to practice biblical hospitality as we either go through the neighborhood or as people come to us; and the second thing would be to form a plan. if you don't live in a place where trick-or-treating happens, ask around our church and find somewhere to go where you can help them connect with their neighbors. if you live in a great neighborhood, open it up to those who are looking for a place to go and let them help you love your neighbors.
the worst thing we could do with this opportunity would be to ignore it, or to huddle up together and make it just another night for us to hang out with each other (which is also ignoring it). only God knows what this night could turn into from a kingdom perspective. let's be faithful to pray and to love, and He will take care of everything else."

I especially love that last bit.

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