Monday, November 15, 2010

New York Prayers

After being on the wait list for about a month, I finally got into a field study course in New York at the end of May!! I am SO very excited because I didn't think a spot would open up in time. I was a little behind turning in my application because I didn't think I'd have the money to go.

 The course isn't really a "course" in New York. We'll be in the classroom at LSU for a day or two prior to leaving for pre program seminars. Then we'll leave for New York on May 21 and return May 28. While in New York, we'll be attending scheduled appointments with textile, apparel, and accessories manufacturers, retailers, buying offices, trade associations, forecasting agencies, and other fashion related enterprises. I always have figured that I'll end up in New York eventually in my career with it being the US's central apparel market, but when will I ever have the opportunity to visit these places all in one week?! And it gets better! This class replaces the gosh awful Advanced Textiles course I'm scheduled to take my senior year. Praise Jesus!!!

Although our itinerary isn't set in stone yet, some places they've visited before are below.


Here are some ways I'll be praying for this trip:
That my flesh doesn't take over with all things New York related. That includes handling money saved for the trip, tricking myself into believing that I need a new outfit for every day there, getting too big for my britches, etc. I'm going on this trip to #1: learn. I'm being affirmed more and more every day that this is what I want to do, and understanding my roll in this apparel world. I don't want to cloud that understanding with materialistic and superficial thoughts that come along with the job. No, I don't need a new outfit for every day spent on the trip. No, it doesn't matter who I'm wearing when I meet important people. Yes, the clothes on my body should be worn with confidence in acknowledging that Lord has provided for me. No, I don't need to spend tons of money while I'm there. 

There are so many things He's preparing my heart for, but these are just a few that initially come to mind when I think about the trip. 

But, oh, I'm sure there are more to come!!



Dillon said...

YAY! sooo happy for you, my friend! :D

nancy said...

PRAISE GOD!!! You are indeed a blessed princess! I'm so happy for you!

Now, about all the clothes spending... DON'T DO IT!!! They will make ZERO difference in any outcomes...except to dig a hole in the $$$... use that for the other trip expenses... or stuff for Odelma (that you might can wear on your trip before you sell:-) ... "they" will never know that what you have isn't brand new, bought just for the trip. Ou! Ou! I dare you to make something... Now THAT could make you stand out!

Love you, and excited for you!