Monday, November 15, 2010

Farewell, vain world!

I've briefly mentioned this before, but just recently I have had an overwhelming desire to have the Lord work on my heart on the issue of death. And an ever more overwhelming desire to teach other people about it. The only people I've spoken to about the topic are Luke and my cgroup, and I'm pretty sure both parties have looked at me a little crazy for it at some point in time. No really, I've brought this topic up with my community group several times in the past month, and I'm not sure I did a job well enough of convincing. Well, tonight my pastor preached so eloquently on the subject and I couldn't be more excited and grateful!

In my mind, from what I understood of death, I always thought that if should be celebrated. I didn't understand why the world humanized it to the point where everyone feared it, mourned it, and went crazy because of it. I'm not even going to try to sum up what was said, so luckily if you ever find the time, you can hear it on our podcast (I don't know how to link it. Go to itunes and search "the ring community church").


The Lord has been working on my heart lately on this specific topic. It's one I've prayed for for a long time now, and I'm finally seeing the work done. Hopefully He'll bring me to a point where I'll be able to share more on this personal issue, but I'm just not there yet.

And what's even funnier is that I came so close to posting this song on my blog this weekend and putting the lyrics up on twitter.  I don't know why I didn't, but I am now. Pop out to listen. It's from the Cold Mountain soundtrack and I love it. Luke got pretttty tired of hearing it all weekend. I can't wait for the day when I'm this excited every day about going home.

I want to groan and be burdened because I want to be clothed in my heavenly dwelling. I want to groan and be burdened to be swallowed up by life. I want to want to be away from the body and with the Lord. "For I don't care to stay here long!"

"I'm glad that I am born to die,
From grief and woe my soul shall fly,
And I don't care to stay here long!
Bright angels shall convey me home, 
Away to New Jerusalem,
And I don't care to stay here long!"

What a celebration that will be!!
In the mean time, I shall make it my goal to please Him, whether away from the body or at home in it.

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