Friday, June 4, 2010

He Guide to a Fabulous Picnic

Frisbee: $9.99. I'm not terribly good at frisbee, but when I think boys and picnics I picture a frisbee in the mix.

Blue Tee: $6. You know I love my cheap clothes! Walmart is great for basic tees like this one. I have a friend who bought a bunch of basic tees from Walmart for the summer and just dyed each one a different color. Genius (shout out meg! loveu)

Cooler: $16. Boys carry the coolers. It's in the picnic rulebook, I'm sure.

Shorts: $20. Luke's best pairs of bottoms are from Old Navy.

Fried Chicken: Great guy picnic food. Easy to make, easy to pack, easy to eat!

And a precious pup!! This one is in the He Guide because as much as I love him, Boone is a
stinkin mess and if we were to bring him to an outing, Luke would most definitely have to be in control of him the whole time. I doubt Boone will make an appearance at Picnic Club, but I'm sure other people's pets are easier to deal with for a picnic. Bring them!!

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